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300 times thinner than a human hair: New development in tiniest nano-laser

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Physicists of Department 1 "Physics & Electrical Engineering" are part of an international science team that developed an extremely energy-efficient nano-laser. The expertise from the Institute of Theoretical Physics of the University of Bremen helped detect the light emissions at microscopic scale. Read press release (German only)

New knowledge in understanding the optical and electric properties of flexible displays on bended surfaces

The Institute for Theoretical Physics contributed to new insights in the field of atomically thin materials for flexible displays on bended surfaces. Read press release (German only)

€ 3.8 million for tomorrow's power grids

The Insitute for Power Electronics and Electronic Components IALB takes part in a joint research project to forster the development of structures for long-distance transport of electrical power - especially of offshore wind energy. Read press release (German only)

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Physikalisches Kolloquium

Am 12. Apr. 2018 um 16:15 Uhr, hält Prof. Dr. Joachim Ullrich einen Vortrag über das Thema:

Gebäude NW1 , Raum H3 evtl. H2

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Joint Solid State Physics Seminar

Every Tuesday during semester the solid state physicists of IFP and ITP meet for a joint seminar.


 Here you will find the current program.




Bremen-Oldenburg Colloquium on the Didactics of Natural Sciences


Four times per semester Bremen and Oldenburg Universities invite to guest the lectures on Physics, Chemistry and Biology Didactics. The current program you will find here: www.idn.uni-bremen.de/kolloquium.php