Advices and Services

For all questions concernig the study, please contact Studienzentrum of faculty 1.

In the following unit you find information on the range of studies, the orientation during your study and advices for the transition period from student life to professional life. 

Furthermore you can also find a list of all contact persons and information centres.


inter alia:

  • Electrical Engineering Day
  • Physics Day
  • Summer School
  • Internships for pupils
  • Laboratory for pupils
  • Decision
  • What does studying mean?
  • How do I get a study place?
  • Study financing
  • How to apply
  • Introduction Events
  • Courses
  • Winter and summer semester, lectures
  • Libraries
  • Feedback
  • Study Abroad
  • Leave of Absence
  • Exams
  • Change of Subject
  • Foreign Languages