Application and Enrolment

The Department 1 of Physics / Electrical Engineering of Bremen University offers a variety of courses, which lead to different degrees. On the page Advice & Service you will find expert representatives on course choice, study combinations, course planning etc.

Our recommendation:
If you are interested in a particular course of study, first find out more details and take the true consultation on Physics or Electrical and Information Engineering at the University of Bremen.

General Information

Before you can start your studies in a particular course of study, you must matriculate (enroll) for this degree.

Not Restricted Admission

The place of study is available, if there is not any restriction for the chosen course.

Admission Requirements

  • University Authorization
  • sufficient German(for foreign students) and English skills

Application Requirements

There exist many specific requirements for many subject applications.
For more information on the course specific requirements, see Admissions.

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Dates & Deadlines

Before the beginning and during the study, you should be sure to inform about the appointments for a study place, re-registration, etc..


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Advanced Students


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