Master Programs at the Faculty of Physics/ Electrical Engineering

Master programs are designed to deepen or extend the qualifications acquired with the bachelor's degree. The master programs at faculty 1 have a standard period of study of four semesters and always require a bachelor’s degree for entry. After successful completion of the master program, the master’s degree “Master of Science” (M.Sc.) is awarded.

Modularized studies
Depending on the master program chosen, you’ll attend a number of thematically suitable modules. A module is a combination of thematically and time-wise coordinated lectures, which convey a common learning goal and include at least one examination. Each module imparts specific competencies and topics, defined in advance.

Credit Points
A successful performance in a module is rewarded with a previously defined number of "ECTS points" (i.e. CP or "credit points"). The CP are added over the period of study. Each semester, 30 credit points are to be earned. Accordingly, 120 credit points can be obtained at the University of Bremen within a master program. Examinations are therefore not held in certain examination periods, but are to be taken steadily during the period of study.

Teacher’s training Physics and teacher’s training for vocational schools

Systems Engineering
In co-operation with the Faculty 4 Production Engineering, the master program Systems Engineering is offered.