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New knowledge in understanding the optical and electric properties of flexible displays on bended surfaces

The Institute for Theoretical Physics contributed to new insights in the field of atomically thin materials for flexible displays on bended surfaces. Read press release (German only)

€ 3.8 million for tomorrow's power grids

The Insitute for Power Electronics and Electronic Components IALB takes part in a joint research project to forster the development of structures for long-distance transport of electrical power - especially of offshore wind energy. Read press release (German only)

Dies Academicus - Academic Day 2017 - Impressions


44 posters und 17 seminar talks were presented at Academic Day 2017. They gave an overview on the different fields of research at Department 01 and allowed for insights into the scientific work of our junior scientists. A big thank you to all participants and guests of Academic Day.

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Impressions of Academic Day

Students (BSc, MSc, PhD) of Department 01 were invited to present their research and theses on Academic Day.
The science session began with an opening by Academic Dean Steffen Paul.
Marcel Tintelott of the Institute for Microsensors, -Actuators and -Systems IMSAS was one of first at the poster session preparation.
All posters had been put up for the timely beginning of the science session.
Hauke Bartels, didactics of physics, opened one of the sessions with his presentation on a test for the explanatory skills of teachers.
Prem Kumar, Biophysics, presented his research on cell mechanics and Dupuytren Disease.
PhD student Melanie Adelmund explains her latest research results on low inductive shunts for current measurement.
The posters and talks also attracted senior scientists of the department of physics and electrical engineering.
Some posters were scrutinized by the visitors and provided a lot of information to the guests and participants.
The opening session was held in one of the departments larger lecture theatres.

Presentations and colloquia


Joint Solid State Physics Seminar

Every Tuesday during semester the solid state physicists of IFP and ITP meet for a joint seminar.


 Here you will find the current program.




Bremen-Oldenburg Colloquium on the Didactics of Natural Sciences


Four times per semester Bremen and Oldenburg Universities invite to guest the lectures on Physics, Chemistry and Biology Didactics. The current program you will find here: www.idn.uni-bremen.de/kolloquium.php